Suitcase Fusion FMCore Crashes MAC


Suddenly out of the blue my suitcase fusion isn’t working.

I have the same setup on two machines. On one machine it working fine. The other isn’t.

On one suddenly Fusion 5 won’t run. It keeps freezing and then citing various problems with FMCore ranging from;

  • cannot be found
  • Has a problem
    and many more.

I see from searching on this forum many users have had this problem with various version of Fusion 3 thru to 5 with little resolution.

Sometimes if I do some of the work arounds suggested, it allows me to get to the stage where is says Fusion needs to be updated (only option is to update or quit) so I permit it to update but then it just freezes.

It’s Sunday and So I can’t contact support.

Please can someone help me I’ve now been working on it two days solid and I’m loosing time when I should be doing creative stuff!!

I’m Running MAC OSX Mavericks 10.9.2 and Adobe CS CC version.