Suitcase Fusion detecting bad FM Core. Can't launch app


I’m using version 16.0.4 on my Mac Pro running Lion 10.7.5. I never have problems with running Suitcase Fusion (SCF), but today noticed most my fonts are missing in all my application’s font menus.

I launched SCF and after few minutes I get this error message:

“Unable to start Suitcase Fusion Core.
Suitcase has detected an incompatible version of FM Core.
Suitcase Fusion cannot continue. Quit.”

I also have a MacBook Pro laptop. I read Knowledge Base article about SCF crashing with no error message, which isn’t exactly my issue, but it’s the only article close to my problem.

The article says to make sure none of your computer names are the same in System Prefs. Both computer names are different and both have been running fine and without any SCF problems on the same network for over a year when I bought the MBP. The names were always different and never changed.

**Trouble Shooting Notes: **

I installed iTunes vs 11.3 (54) three days ago
Yesterday I hard shut down my Mac Pro because I couldn’t find Safari main window.

Other than these 2 things, nothing else unusual.
I’ve downloaded latest version 16.2.1, but don’t know if I should uninstall 16.0.4 or over write it by installing 16.2.1
Or wondering if there is other trouble shooting I should try first?

Does anyone have any ideas?


The hard reset was probably the cause as it means the FMCore was not shut down properly. See this KBA for the error you mention and how to resolve it.