Suitcase Fusion 8. The update no-one wants


Did anyone wrote to the customer support?


I’ve just set up a new topic called “Features Request.” May I suggest that you reframe your pain points as features requests and post in the new topic?

Note: I neither work for nor have any relationship with Extensis and have no idea if they’ll read any of it, but perhaps we can be constructive with our collective outcry and get to the business of pushing them to reimplement important features that were lost.


I just upgraded to Fusion 7 a few weeks back and loved the new Type Sync feature. It actually made switching to a brand new iMac from my old MacBookPro seemless, and for that I was very grateful.

Unfortunately, this good experience left me perhaps a little too trusting, as I received an email this past week from Extensis offering a free upgrade to 8 for recent purchasers of 7. I quickly scanned the product page for 8 on the website (where there are no red flags warning of features being removed, only the “great” new addition of tile view and the info drawer with glyphs, font info, etc.). I was also excited about the Adobe CC 2018 plugin compatiblitiy, so I shrugged and said okay and went ahead with the download/install. Now I wish I hadn’t because the app is utterly unusable to someone like me who has nearly 7,000 fonts installed and organized.

Without the column view, how does one quickly find and activate the entire Univers font family, for example? None of the views (tile, list, or other) allow for a condensed view or view by family only. So the only option is scrolling for days or awkwardly grabbing hold of the scrollbar and manually dragging down to quickly get towards the bottom (even iOS has letters running down the side of Contacts to allow you to tap swiftly to the "U"s, but no such help exists here). Once I’m there, can I just click once and activate the entire Univers family? Nope, 27 clicks later on each individual weight, and I’m finally done. What once took a couple seconds to locate and activate, now takes the better part of a minute or more. That is the definition of poor user experience.

I’m also severely missing these key features:

  • Keywords/Attributes/Info column (I assigned keywords for a reason, for quick reference of info for any selected font… now I have to click 2-3 times to view the keywords attributed to a font in a narrow scrolling edit window. I don’t want to edit, I just want to view what I originally assigned!)

  • Resizing of font display (there is no way to do this for tile view or quickmatch any more. The quickmatch previews are so small, they’re entirely useless)

  • Recolorizing font and background for previews

  • Moving individual fonts into family folders (sometimes when you add a new font family to the library, the creator didn’t organize them correctly and each weight comes in as a separate family folder. I used to be able to manually drag each instance into one folder and rename. How would you do that now?)

  • Previewing one font family at a time (I used to click on a family in the column view and then use up and down arrow keys to scroll through one family at a time which helped me focus and not be distracted by every other competing font. Also, I often prefer tapping keystrokes to scrolling or clicking for speed.)

My question now… is there a way to downgrade back to Suitcase Fusion 7 after I’ve already installed 8?


Hey folks,

I wanted to pop in and let you know that your feedback is being heard and I appreciate the constructive criticism. I have been collecting the feedback as it is coming in and we will use it in our future development.

I have noted all the feedback from this thread so far so in an effort to consolidate any new feedback I would encourage you to note any other comments or feature requests in the great thread that iodesign started here:

Feel free to send an email to ea_suitcase@extensis.com as well if you feel more comfortable providing feedback that way.

Thanks for using Suitcase Fusion!