Suitcase Fusion 8. The update no-one wants


I am amazed this has been rolled this out as is with all the complaints the beta version got. What is the point of getting us to test for you if you don’t listen to our replies? Without the column view it’s incredibly time consuming to use. I just cannot see the logic in turning something that worked reasonably well into something that’s going to be a major headache for a large proportion of users. And to top it all off, because you’re not updating Fusion 7 for CC 2018 you’ve got us over a barrel. I’ve reluctantly updated for now, but as soon as I find an alternative I will not be back.


Very sad to see the column view be scrapped. Suitcase Fusion 8 just added so much more time to my workflow.


I feel really bitter about being pressured into purchasing an upgrade just to keep up with interim updates to Adobe products. The loss of the column view makes this a totally horrendous application to use, especially if you have an extensive font library which I am sure many users have. This is an important feature. There are not many font management apps available so I am resentful of this upgrade and feel exploited by having to update to an application that is now harder to use.


I am with Vince, really bitter about having my whole workflow hijacked because I can’t update CC without being forced to buy a Suitcase update that doesn’t work for me without the column view.

It is really impractical to work with a large number of fonts without it. I understand wanting to update things, but why you would remove a power user function and not at least make it an option is beyond me. Why did you do a beta if you were going to ignore what the majority of the users were upset about?!


Another one with the same opinion. The new update has transformed a great app in something useless. The workflow with a big amount of fonts results something frustrating without the column view. You have no chance to view the fonts clasified by family in a fast view, the option to activate a PS or TT version of a same font family quickly instead of spending time trying to find them in an endeless list. It’s a pity to launch an updated version worse than the old one. And the worst is that you have to pay again to work with the latest versions of Adobe CC… I hope that you will hear the proposals of your customers and launch a new update as soon as possible. If not, I think that I will install again Rightfont app.


I agree with the previous comments. Stripping useful functionality, such as tear-offs and the ability to adjust the coloring of previews, to name a couple, is counter-productive to maintaining a robust app such as Suitcase that’s used in professional graphics workflows. But the loss of the column view is truly a hindrance – like trying to work with one hand tied behind your back. Without column view, now I can no longer sort font lists by temp activated, permanent activated, font type, foundries, or any other info that I’ve found extremely useful in quickly shopping my font library for a given task. Extensis, you’ve yanked the rug out from under us!


UGH!! I was JUST about to purchase the upgrade and then saw that column view is not available… changed my mind straight away since I cannot imagine working without it.


Seriously? Is there anything about this update that makes anyone’s workflow better? The most important, essential organization and functionality have been removed, to “make the interface cleaner”. No. Really, Extensis, no. Not only is the column view gone, but the main window also has more detail in it so you can’t scroll through fonts as quickly. Wish I had read these comments before buying. After decades of using this product, time to look for something new. Guess I’ll go back and live without auto-open (the only reason I updated to begin with). Terrible product. If you haven’t bought it yet, DON’T. Hopefully there’s something else out there.


Sadly, I’m with you. I played the Beta game, was thoroughly disappointed and kept thinking I was missing a preference or menu setting that would allow control of font displays. Who told the engineers that we want/need to see every variation of font style in a big window? Who told the marketing people to ignore the almost-unanimous thumbs down on new interface? Looks like I’m back to Fontbook? Does anyone at Extensis remember the simple elegance of good old Suitcase?


Also - am I being stupid, or is there now not even a way to open a family all at once? I see an opening for someone to develop a new, simple, font-management tool. Take a look at Suitcase a few generations back. Was great.


It’s at this point I find myself reminiscing over how much I miss Adobe Type Manager.

Simpler times.


I agree too. It really makes the workflow much more complicated and slow. I bought the update, because I wanted auto-activation to work with the new Version of Adobe CC. But it will be the last time, that I will buy an update just to get the plug-ins working again. FontExplorer is a great alternative (used it in an Agency I worked for 4 years) and cheaper.


My thanks to the brave souls who upgraded first to let others know what was missing/deficient. I waited primarily because I literally just upgraded to 7 in March. At least independents like Bohemian Coding’s team (Sketch) base free upgrade paths/eligibility for their software from the day of purchase.


The heading says this is for Mac OS X but I’m a Windows 10 user chiming in to agree…

I’ve called and written and now I’m adding my two-cents worth here: Bring back the column view. As everyone seems to complain, the new interface is incredibly cumbersome and time-wasting. Maybe it worked fine for the developers using a 500-font test collection, but as someone above mentioned, it does not work with a collection of thousands.

I am seriously disappointed; I cannot upgrade my laptop to CC2018 because I want to maintain the column view in Suitcase.

Please listen to your customers, Extensis. Make the Column View an option, at the least.


Please listen to us!

Column view is a must have, i was searching in the “View/Ansicht” attributes and thought you guys just forget them or i cant find the switch. But, it is just not there :frowning:

Please bring it back with an update. Thanks


I agree completely with CPN. This new version is not nearly flexible enough with respect to customizing the interface. The user is stuck between the SF way or the highway. This puts up too many roadblocks. The Info tab (inside the Info panel) has nothing to do with the preview experience so I don’t understand why it’s grouped with Preview, QM & Glyphs. I should be able to reposition it to another part of the screen. Taking away Paragraph mode prevents me from previewing title, all upper and all lower in one go. Not great for branding. Version 8 is too child proof.


I agree with CPN. Going through fonts is more time consuming and harder to read with the gray font names. There is no option to collapse a font and no way to activate an entire font family. Before you could do this, why on earth would you take that away? The search is not working correctly either. Sometimes it produces no results or you can’t activate the font from the search. I know CS6 is old, but plenty of people still need to use it. Sometimes I need it for special clients who refuse to use CC. Is it really that difficult to support it? I have also encountered crashing and errors on a couple of our other computers. This is the worst update to this program in years. There are some good additions but for the most part, this update has been nothing but a pain in the ass. I hope you add the old view as part of the viewing options.


I registered on the forums just to add my voice to the understandable and completely justified disbelief at Suitcase Fusion 8. I am genuinely baffled at what amounts to vandalism of key parts of the interface, not to mention an apparent lack of understanding of the way many people actually use Suitcase.

The key pain points as I see them:

  • Loss of column view, both in terms of lower information density and also as a navigation mechanism for skipping through fonts by family rather than individual weights.
  • Inability to activate a whole font family in a single action (this one is unbelievable!)
  • The ‘info’ pane is a retrograde step in several respects. The small grey ‘i’ icon has low discoverability, the draw/accordion method of disclosing the information is very awkward, and the animation each time is clunky and distracting.
  • Making the attribute editor modal is a huge step backwards.
  • The UI redesign seems to have mistaken obscurity for simplicity. Lots of information is now tucked away in ways that are quite opaque and make the application harder to use.
  • As mentioned above, it feels like Extensis has lost sight of who their core customers are. Anyone who is going to spend $60+ every year on a font manager is doing it because it’s an essential part of their job i.e. they are design professionals. Design professionals have large screens - actually everyone has large screens now - but the UI redesign wastes this. Look at this image and think of how all that space could have been employed more usefully. Plenty of room for a list view, and live info/attribute panels. By all means, allow these panels to be collapsed for those who don’t need them, but the current design severely impedes those who do.

In short, it’s not at all clear who these changes were targeted at. Worse, whatever other benefits Suitcase Fusion 8 might have brought with it are now completely lost behind my everyday frustration of simply trying to do what I could easily do before.

I urge Extensis to rethink these changes and to take swift remedial steps.

Suitcase Fusion 8 – Features Request

Excellent post IanDavies. I just hope someone from Extensis is listening.


Given that there has been staff activity in other topics in the Mac category since your original post, but silence here, I suspect we might get ignored. Hopefully I’m wrong.