Suitcase Fusion 8 — Features Request


Just in case you are under the impression that only Mac users want certain features, here’s a place to request those features in Suitcase Fusion 8 for Windows, too.

  1. Absolutely essential–please make this a priority: Bring back COLUMN VIEW
  2. Allow Edit Attributes panel to be docked (or at the very least, NOT MODAL, as it is now). And let it remember the last Attribute Tab used. As it stands, it takes at least three extra actions to edit attributes; unacceptably time-consuming if you are cataloging scores of fonts.

I can think of several more enhancements, but the two listed above are essential to return SF8 to the functionality of previous versions.


Totally agree with that. This update is a disaster.

I’ve expected that adding tags and displaying fonts with given tags would be even easier in version 8 than in version 7 but instead, you’ve made it much more difficult. And removing Column View as well…

Please bring back docked Attributes Panel and Column View!


Yes, why did they remove the column view???Now i can’t activate the whole family and have to select all the single fonts of a family… no go for a fast workflow… Pls bring it back!!!


Well, actually you can select the whole family:
click on the symbol with the 4 squares(tiles), now you have a view with the complete font family.
Click on the font name, it will select the complete family, click on the grey circle, now it will activate the complete family at once!