Suitcase Fusion 8 – Features Request


I can’t believe I had to pay the $60 upgrade because you removed my ability to auto activate fonts in CC2018, and now I’m left without column view. Please put it back, it’s a super important feature for browsing thousands of fonts.


Being a Windows user, I am going to ask what might be a dumb question, but is it not possible to have the option to modify workspaces to suit personal preference? Perhaps something similar to Photoshop, where you can resize and dock different windows to the left or right, or top and bottom or close them completely. Then you can save that setup as a “workspace”, recalling it when you want it. There are some of the new features that I like, such as the Comments (if they would make it so you could paste the same comment in more than one font at a time!). But for other parts of my workflow, the column view is essential. It would be great to have all of those options to really streamline each one’s workflow.


Another vote for column view. I really cannot imagine why this was taken away, are actual designers consulted?

But also, I do like the tile view, because a long list of the different weights can be superfluous, but I would like to be able to adjust the size of the font within AND be able to edit the preview copy within - I have found the Aa to be the least helpful letters.


Please please please bring back column view, Extensis! I’ve got 4,000 fonts to scroll through!


I used to be able to select an entire family of fonts and drag them out onto my desktop for exporting. Now when I do it - it acts like I’m dragging out multiple fonts (gives me a font icon on my cursor with a number referencing the number of fonts) - but then NOTHING happens. No “Collected Fonts” folder is made with the individual font folders within. If i drag them out individually, still NOTHING happens.

I know that you can select the fonts and do “collect fonts for output” but there has been many times I want to go through a set and just drag out individual fonts. Why would this be taken away?


Reading Extensis answer to that post: How do I show font folders like Suitcase 7 in Suitcase 8?

and the joke solution they added in support to our requests to bring back list and column view: https://help.extensis.com/hc/en-us/articles/115014926048-Create-a-list-view-in-Suitcase-Fusion-8

I’m starting to loose any hope that feature will be back one day (seems they consider we’re just has-been users).

I think I’ll regretfully go for a refund and look for another font manager


Like nicopra, I just read the “solution” Extensis posted to supposedly deal with the need for a list view.

I suggest everyone else who’s posted in this thread do the same, and then - once you’ve understood that either Extensis fundamentally misunderstand a large segment of their pro customers, or we are no longer a group of customers Extensis has any interest in serving - go and start researching other Font managers and planning your migration strategy.


I’m not at all happy with the “solution” Extensis posted. I feel like it’s marginally insulting and a lazy workaround.

Having the column view as an option is a must for me. Font previews are often slow to generate on a 2017 15" Macbook Pro with touchbar, 16 GB ram, 1 TB SSD. Having the column view was a saving grace in Fusion 7, and it needs to return.


I’ve been a loyal customer of Extensis for over 10 years. I’ve been paying for every upgrade, no matter how marginal the improvements, because I believe that good software deserves our support.

Fusion 8 is the most infuriating upgrade by far and a huge step backwards for its user base. As many have noted, we need the column view.

Imagine this. Apple decides that consumers no longer need the column view and can simply use the icon view. And when faced with mounting criticism, Apple simply informs you to use the icon view, but with file names alphabetically sorted and displayed in rows.

This is the tone deaf situation faced by users who are first to purchase Extensis’ newest products, many of whom are loyal supporters and professionals.

To make things worse, the search functionality is a joke/useless. If you are looking for “DIN Next Rounded LT Pro Regular” for example, you have to search the font in the exact sequence. No dice if you search “DIN Rounded”, “Rounded Regular” or “DIN Regular”. Column view was the workaround because keyword searches don’t work. Imagine if google searches only show results of the search terms in exact order and nothing else.


Search is a really good example, and it actually hadn’t occurred to me before now because I stopped using it so long ago, for exactly the reasons you give. It’s the dumbest, most basic form of search, to the point that it’s actually unhelpful because if you don’t give it the terms in the correct order, lots of result get omitted.
Really, Suitcase only needs to do a few things to be useful, but the sad truth is that it isn’t doing any of them very well at the moment.


I have Problems with exporting fonts, normally i collect Fonts by sorting them in “coloumn view” (lol good old times) by actived fonts and select the and drag them to a folder. Thats for giving them to clients and partners for the project. Doesnt work, just 1 of 9 files was exported. Please UPDATE your app, or just give Version 7 the ability to work with CC 2018, this is maybe the easiest way!


I have been using Suitcase for so many years—over 20 I believe. And, I’ve encouraged other designers to use Suitcase. But I hate this latest version. I desperately miss column view. The interface takes up so much space and it is so very slow. With almost 7000 fonts in my library, I need a much more nimble application and the column view. I will seriously consider either downgrading or looking for something entirely different if changes aren’t made quickly.


Here is a different feature request (YES! to all of the above tho) I wish there was a more sophisticated way to preview fonts than QuickType. At least add tracking to see how letterforms combine (FontExplorerX allows this, along with almost all the browser based samplers on font company websites)

If I could have my wish, it would be a floating window where we could craft a few words or short sentence with line breaks, control of leading and tracking, color and maybe even the ability to adjust the justification and then use the column view to select fonts interactively, watching the preview windows change as you mouse over the font in the column view. You could do real type searches in a window like that.

I often activate hundreds (thousands!) of fonts at a time and use the interactive font menu in Illustrator to do the exact thing. But why not have it be a part of Suitcase?


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VERSION 19.0.3 Dec 13th 2017

some fixes, but no column view… Thanks Extensis, NOT!


I can’t stand the newest “view” options in the latest Suitcase…it’s so hard to see a broad view. Please bring back the grid view or whatever it was…NONE of the view options are any good. imho


agreed…HATE the view options…absolutely hate them. i just basically have to use ‘Search’ now.


And besides the view options being horrendous…it still takes too much time for InDesign to actually auto-activate…sometimes i just sit there for a minute or so. I might as well just use manual activate…probably be faster.


#1. Bring BACK the pull-out transparent window, floating font preview feature. This was my MOST LOVED and used feature (besides font preview in the main program itself).
#2. Save the state of activated fonts.
#3. Column view
#4. Bring back the png photo snap feature of a font, (so that you could send a font view example to a client for their approval)

Quite simply - bring back all the functionality and organization of Suitcase 7.
I hate, hate, hate V08. V07 was perfect.


I’d gladly pay again to be able to use V7 again. V8 is the worst. Where’s the Column view/List view???!!!
I hope someone gets fired for the V8 development.