Suitcase Fusion 8 – Features Request


Quite simply - bring back all the functionality and organization of Suitcase 7. At least as options.

I returned Suitcase 8 because I, like so many others, found it completely unusable. Have encouraged everyone I know to do the same, and have many colleagues grateful for my warning to not buy the upgrade. I’m shopping around for an alternative product, though I’m hoping you’ll update soon so I won’t need to switch.


I’ve seen a trend, particularly among young developers, to try and “reinvent the wheel”, without following the important design adage that “form follows function”. I just don’t think they are teaching the skills, or history that those of use who studied as designers were taught. This is a classic example.


Perhaps. But there is plenty of amazing new software and revamped or updated apps that are being released every day, and I’m sure a lot of this impressive new work is being created by younger developers and designers, some of whom may not even have formal training in human factors or usability and design principles.

Who knows though? Instead of speculating why or how it went sideways or who’s to blame, I would rather ask the Suitcase product team what their goals were when they made these changes, and then follow that up with an honest, thoughtful evaluation of whether or not version 8 actually manages to accomplish those goals. I think it’s important to keep in mind that just because the software is unusable to people in this forum doesn’t mean that it isn’t successful for Extensis and their internal goals. Maybe they’ve radically changed their target audience? Maybe this new Suitcase works great for those new users? I’m skeptical that this is the case, but stranger things have happened. (It sure would be nice if Extensis could tell us that though, we could all just get on with finding an alternative.)

Anyways—whatever their education level or experience—from my perspective the folks responsible for version 8 just flat out made a bunch of bad choices, and lots of other people here on these forums seem to share that opinion. So I sure hope Extensis is listening to (and understanding) these critical assessments, and working to fix the problems.


Extensis should offer a paid downgrade to an updated version 7 with compatible plug-ins for Adobe CC 2018.

(Quicken for Mac did a similar thing in like 2010. Everyone hated the newest version, so in a striking admission of failure, they rewrote and updated the 2007 version to work with Intel Macs. I have friends still using Quicken 2007, even on brand new Macs).

I would bet a healthy sum that updating the Adobe plug-ins to work with Suitcase 7 is relatively trivial, especially compared to revamping the UI and UX of their already revamped UI and UX in version 8. And I’m sure many longtime Suitcase users are nodding their heads, after years of feeling coerced or outright extorted into Suitcase “upgrades” because of broken Adobe plug-in compatability.


I need column view. Version 8 is useless to me.

I just called Suitcase and got a refund. Going back to version 7 until this mess is fixed.


Ok, so in the interest of being constructive, I’ve spent some time mocking up what I think I need to see from Suitcase in terms of restored interface functionality, and a suggestion of how a little flexibility in the interface can end up satisfying a fairly wide variety of different customer needs.

First, a reminder of the existing Suitcase Fusion 8 interface:
Suitcase Fusion 8 interface

As I detailed in a different thread, my biggest problems with the new interface are the loss of functionality (everyone wants column view back, naturally!) and the inefficient use of space. Just look at all that wasted real estate on the right hand side.

Even worse, information that was available en-masse from the list view is now tucked away in awkward draws that only show information for one font weight at a time, while attributes that previously could be quickly edited ‘live’ are now bizarrely restricted to a modal dialogue sheet, which represents such a quantum leap backwards in functionality and user interface hostility that it’s not even funny.

So, what to do? I think it’s safe to say that restoring the list view is an absolute must. As other have said, I can’t conceive what problems the designers thought they were solving by removing such a useful and accessible source of information, not to mention the functionality of activating entire fonts in one go. I know this has now been restored in the 19.0.2 update, but it’s not a replacement for what we’ve lost and is really just a sticking plaster.

Here’s my first suggestion for how to restore the column/list view.
This slightly different configuration serves two purposes:

  1. Restore list/column view
  2. Create a more intuitive left-to-right granularity of information, where libraries/sets are at the top level on the left, followed by font families in the middle and finally individual font weights on the right.

Looking at how the other forms of preview (waterfall, tiles etc.) might require different levels of space for optimum usability, if we assume the divider between the list view on the left and the preview pane on the left can be dragged horizontally, then we can give the different views as much or as little screen area as we prefer.

Small list view with large preview area
This uses a minimal list view of just the font family names in favour of maximum area for waterfall previews.

Large list view with tile previews
This gives maximum space to the detailed information in the column/list view, while needing very little space for the tile previews.

Note also that I’ve restored the info/attribute pane from Suitcase Fusion 7 on the far right of the window. This configuration is far more useable and useful, and with a little thought could easily be expanded to accommodate the additional font information such as language support, quick match and glyphs introduced in Suitcase Fusion 8.

I would be interested to hear what other users think of my ideas, and would love to think that Extensis would consider implementing something like this.

Open letter to anyone listening at Extensis

Ian, Not bad, but what you’ve done is essentially recreate functionality that was lost in column view, albeit flowing horizontally rather than vertically. The drawback to the horizontal flow is that the preview pane becomes cramped. Having column view as it was in SF7, that is, below with the previews above, is preferred, I think, because it allows the previews more room for horizontal scaling for better evaluation.


Jeez, I just read what I wrote and even I don’t understand it! What I was really trying to say was to just bring back SF7 features – as they were!


Hello Extensins,

i wonder if there will come any feedback on the requests? Even it woul dbe nice what you guys thought is the benefit of the new update?

Here is another request: It would be great to have that feature when i am in or on an folder in my library and press the button “create new group” or “create new folder” in german it is “Neue Gruppe”, that the new Group/Folder will be created in the folder i am. Same like in Finder in mac OS. Would be great.

Thanks for listening.


Oh and another wonderful feature would be, i dont know if it was already there, i think (not sure). When i select a folder, to see the content of the the subfolders. Makes a lot sense in my eyes. To have a better overview. When i collect Fonts for a project i make Folders for the project with projectname, the split them in groubs by style or manufacturer or whatever. Its a good way to find the right font.

Oh and Dingbats dont work anymore, they are not shown. Is there a way to see them again?


Heh, no worries. My issue with the horizontal split is that the preview and list panes take up the full width of the window, whether you want or need them to. With the vertical split, you can re-position the split point according to your needs.
So if you want to see lots of columns in the list view, drag the divider over to the right. If you just need to see the font family names, drag the divider over to the left and get more space for font previews on the right. Feels more flexible to me.
But as you say, Extensis need to bring back the column view regardless.


Of course there’s also the fact they could include both horizontal and vertical dividers as an option. As others have said, given the often small and/or unwanted changes from one version to the next, I’m not always sure of what value for money I’m getting from what is, in effect, an annual subscription to Suitcase.


I can’t believe I had to pay the $60 upgrade because you removed my ability to auto activate fonts in CC2018, and now I’m left without column view. Please put it back, it’s a super important feature for browsing thousands of fonts.


Being a Windows user, I am going to ask what might be a dumb question, but is it not possible to have the option to modify workspaces to suit personal preference? Perhaps something similar to Photoshop, where you can resize and dock different windows to the left or right, or top and bottom or close them completely. Then you can save that setup as a “workspace”, recalling it when you want it. There are some of the new features that I like, such as the Comments (if they would make it so you could paste the same comment in more than one font at a time!). But for other parts of my workflow, the column view is essential. It would be great to have all of those options to really streamline each one’s workflow.


Another vote for column view. I really cannot imagine why this was taken away, are actual designers consulted?

But also, I do like the tile view, because a long list of the different weights can be superfluous, but I would like to be able to adjust the size of the font within AND be able to edit the preview copy within - I have found the Aa to be the least helpful letters.


Please please please bring back column view, Extensis! I’ve got 4,000 fonts to scroll through!


I used to be able to select an entire family of fonts and drag them out onto my desktop for exporting. Now when I do it - it acts like I’m dragging out multiple fonts (gives me a font icon on my cursor with a number referencing the number of fonts) - but then NOTHING happens. No “Collected Fonts” folder is made with the individual font folders within. If i drag them out individually, still NOTHING happens.

I know that you can select the fonts and do “collect fonts for output” but there has been many times I want to go through a set and just drag out individual fonts. Why would this be taken away?


Reading Extensis answer to that post: How do I show font folders like Suitcase 7 in Suitcase 8?

and the joke solution they added in support to our requests to bring back list and column view: https://help.extensis.com/hc/en-us/articles/115014926048-Create-a-list-view-in-Suitcase-Fusion-8

I’m starting to loose any hope that feature will be back one day (seems they consider we’re just has-been users).

I think I’ll regretfully go for a refund and look for another font manager


Like nicopra, I just read the “solution” Extensis posted to supposedly deal with the need for a list view.

I suggest everyone else who’s posted in this thread do the same, and then - once you’ve understood that either Extensis fundamentally misunderstand a large segment of their pro customers, or we are no longer a group of customers Extensis has any interest in serving - go and start researching other Font managers and planning your migration strategy.


I’m not at all happy with the “solution” Extensis posted. I feel like it’s marginally insulting and a lazy workaround.

Having the column view as an option is a must for me. Font previews are often slow to generate on a 2017 15" Macbook Pro with touchbar, 16 GB ram, 1 TB SSD. Having the column view was a saving grace in Fusion 7, and it needs to return.