Suitcase Fusion 8 – Features Request


Suitcase Fusion 8 is out of the gate. Short of reverting back to SF7, all we can do now is ask Extensis to return some of our most-loved and most-used features and functionality. Put in your request for re-instated and new features here. (For complaints, please use topic “Suitcase Fusion 8. The update no-one wants.”)


– On Mac extended keyboard, “page up” and “page down” keys have no effect on font preview scroll. Please reinstate function of these keys on all scrolling within the application.

– Please bring back SF7 version Attributes pane!

I miss the right hand pane of attributes. I use tags all the time. With the present scheme, in order to assign a tag, or see what tags are already assigned to a given font, I have to:

  1. open the Edit Attributes window
  2. scroll the tag list to see which attributes have been assigned
  3. click Done when I’m done.

Before, I simply left the Attributes pane open all the time, and with Tags showing. So, all I needed to do was click on any font and I’d instantly see in the pane which tags are assigned. SF8’s new scheme adds three clicks and a floating window to my workflow. It’s extraneous and unnecessary.

Suitcase Fusion 8. The update no-one wants

column view would be really nice :slight_smile:

Edit 01:
Permanent Activation of Folders and Fonts is also gone since the last update? Would be also a nice “feature” in the “update”

Edit 01:
Fontsize is only in ABC and Quicktype available…


We need the column view back for easier and quicker browsing. Not having that feature makes Suitcase Fusion 8 virtually worthless from a workflow perspective.


How can I sort fonts by foundry, by activation status, by font type, version number, etcetera, without a column view? How are we expected to navigate tens of thousands of fonts without it, exactly?

I’m having a very, very, very hard time in the new UI and I’ve been using Suitcase sine, the 90’s I think - whenever ATM died.

I can’t recommend this upgrade to my clients. And noow they can’t upgrade to Adobe CC 2018 unless we jump ship to another font manager.

We love you guys, please fix this asap!


I agree with what others said in the previous threads:

  • the column view is necessary to activate a complete family of fonts, to sort by names or attributes, to quickly display search results, to see different versions of fonts quickly,…


• Column view as at least an option is imperative for me as a graphics professional. I cannot upgrade to Suitcase 8 because of it… I also cannot upgrade to CC 2018 because of your ridiculous plan to force us to upgrade to Suitcase 8.
• The ability to save the state of activated fonts would be wonderful.


Dear Extensis,

Please stop messing about and put back the column view. You’ve had your little joke now play nice and put it back and we can all move on. This application is painful to use without it.

Viewing the other forums, the column view is a major problem for many users (even at the beta stage) and I haven’t seen a real direct response from Extensis regarding this issue.

If this critical post is out of place it is because the “Suitcase Fusion 8. The update no-one wants toplc” has been prematurely closed for some reason…


Please add the ability to resize glyphs in the glyphs window.

At present, their restricted size renders them too tiny to be useful.


In the absence of reinstating the Attributes pane, at least make it so that one can expand/resize the attributes window.


I love Suitcase. I’ve been using it non-stop since it’s introduction on Mac OS X. But Suitcase Fusion 8 is a disaster. It totally breaks my workflows, and offers no reasonable workarounds. As many others have detailed in these forums, the issue is the removal of the sortable list pane.

Combining the preview pane and list pane into this new, simplified hybrid pane is not an adequate replacement for either. My workflow used to be this; find and sort fonts using the incredibly flexible list pane, and then preview those fonts in the preview pane. These two panes (along with sets, smart sets, keywords, and attributes), all worked together to make the tasks of finding, selecting, previewing, and evaluating fonts incredibly flexible and powerful.

There have been many other longstanding Suitcase problems before this UI debacle; the annual Adobe CS plug-in extortion tactics, the lack of Sketch plug-in support (despite Sketch becoming the de facto digital UI design platform), the fact that the user interface of the app itself has remained at a clunky, dated standstill since version 2 or 3, and so on. But all of these sins and omissions were forgivable as long as the app remained powerful, flexible, and functional. Version 8 is none of those things.

My bottom line is that I have multiple libraries, many thousands of fonts, and years of nested project sets, smart sets, and customized keywords and attributes. Suitcase 8 has been so streamlined and simplified that it is nearly impossible to find, sort, and interact with my font libraries in a meaningful or useful way. Unless it is updated with a return of the list view, I’ll have to replace it with a competitor.


P.S. — I am very curious what problems the Extensis designers and developers thought they were solving with version 8? Or why they stubbornly persisted with this limited hybrid preview pane, despite the overwhelmingly negative reactions in these forums during the beta period? I do see the value in creating a single, simplified preview pane as an optional UI for less advanced users, especially those with relatively small font libraries. But are those folks that big of a demographic? Why couldn’t such a streamlined view be optional? I guess I’ve always thought of Suitcase as a power tool for people with complex or sophisticated font management needs—maybe that is simply no longer the case? Maybe Extensis is recalibrating their app for the future, and it will work great for them? All I know is that this is a vision of the future of font management that’s way too dumb for my needs.


+1 for laelilo’s post: I agree totally.

Please, bring back column view! and preview pane. And make it a priority: the new user interface is a disaster when you own a large font collection.

Plus the fact we can’t go back to version 7 if we use Adobe CS 2018 is something that will have me move to a competitor if nothing changes quickly.

  1. Column view
  2. Ability to activate complete font family at once
  3. Preview of dingbats / symbol fonts
  4. Save the state of activated fonts
  5. Use smaller font in the left column (or via prefs)

  1. Column View
  2. Tile resize in tile view


Have to agree with everyone on here - column view is a must have.


Man this new system is slowing down my workflow big time!
Tagging is so important and now it is like a 3 step process to get to something that used to be directly accessible. This is crazy! please fix.


Also, in prev. versions hitting Command + F allowed me to start typing my search query directly into the find field @ top of window. but now I have to manually click my cursor into that field. Please fix that too!


So Suitcase Fusion 19.0.2 has been released and guess what? Column view still isn’t there. Makes you wonder why they asked everyone to come to this page on the forum and give their ideas for features, as pretty much all the comments ask for the same thing. Bring back column view.


To be fair, a feature like column view was never going to be added back in so quickly if they really had re-built the app without it.


That’s true Ian: I hope it will be back in version 19.1

What would be nice is to know if Extensis is planning to have it back or not.