Suitcase Fusion 8 and Helvetica, Helvetica neue Systemfont override


Longtime Suitcase user here. Print design & prepress guru.

As long as I can remember, Suitcase could always activate Postscript versions of Helvetica Neue and Helvetica families which would override the .dfont, tt or whatever system font version Mac OS was using at the time.

How in High Sierra with SF8, this does not seem to work?! They appear to activate at first, then go grey and can not be activated or used in Adobe apps.

I was forced to put them in HD/Library/Fonts just to make them available to Creative Cloud 2018. At least I was able to do that without disabling SIP.

Is this feature also removed along with all the other great stuff we used to enjoy? Or am I wrong and having some unexpected issue?

This is, like, the most important thing about Suitcase ever. Why is it not working, please?


Yes. Postscript fonts are becoming more and more difficult to use in Modern OS’ and Creative Applications.

We have had several report from users and documented several issues due to these aging fonts. We suggest to our Customers to replace these old fonts with a more modern OpenType or TrueType font for continued uses moving forward.

The link below is one of our articles on how you can use these fonts until a suitable replacement can be found:


I appreciate the acknowledgment regarding postscript font issues on new macOS versions in general, but the tips in the article did not really apply to my situation.

My fonts are in the vault and not in place. I don’t use older Creative Suite versions. And the problems described within were not what I am experiencing.

What I want to know is if Suitcase can officially still use Adobe font folio Helvetica PS and Helvetica Neue PS to override the Apple system versions (as suitcase has always done before), regardless of what Apple has done to their Helvetica versions and other such protected fonts.

Using postscript fonts is vital to all commercial printers and vital to print publications and packaging firms who have decades of legacy documents and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in their licensed postscript fonts. Truetype and opentype cause multiple issues such as PDF creation via distiller failures of all kinds due to how non-PS fonts are converted and embedded.

We need to know if extensis has officially removed support for the overriding of system fonts by postscript fonts, specifically the Helvetica and Helvetica neue fonts. If so, we will no longer have any compelling reason to use it.

I’m already extremely unhappy with the massively unhelpful UI interface downgrades to version 8, but I would live with it for system font override. Without system font override it has no value to us in the print industry.



I wanted to let you know we did discover an issue with System Font Overriding that is being fixed right now and will be in our next update. The app is not following duplicate font activation rules correctly when attempting to activate fonts with the same PostScript name.

Really sorry about the inconvenience but I wanted to let you know we knew about it and are addressing it.



Thank you very much for this.

I will wait patiently for the fix :slight_smile: