Suitcase Fusion 7 plugins do not load


I just purchased the new SF7 and installed it on two machines; one is a Win7 Pro x64, the other a Win10 Pro x64. The Windows 10 install went smoothly, plugins for Adobe AI/PS/ID installed properly and we’re off to the races. On Win7 however, it’s a whole other ballgame.

Upon install everything looks great. However, when I try to open any of the above programs, I’m greeted with the CoreFoundation_v11x64.dll missing from the system, and a popup that the corresponding plugin for the program will not load. I attempted the instructions from this KB article (CoreFoundation_v11x64.dll error in Photoshop cc) to no avail, on any of the programs. I attempted a full reinstall of SF7, full reinstall of the Adobe programs. Nothing will allow these plugins to load. If I head into SF7 to attempt to uncheck and reinstall the plugins, they’ll uninstall and the first one will seemingly work, but when selecting a second plugin to install I receive an error that the plugin is unable to be installed and I need to contact an admin.

Not sure what else to try; I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this. Just for full transparency, any of the above steps were attempted in regular and elevated modes.



I am sorry to hear you are having issues with our application working your Adobe products. Please contact our Support team using the link below: