Suitcase Fusion 7 and CC 2018



Is the current version of Suitcase compatible with CC 2018?

If not, do you have an idea of when it might be?

Do we have to wait for Fusion 8 to come out?



Hi proficient,

Suitcase Fusion 7 is not compatible with CC 2018.

Fusion is 8 is available for sale now and is fully compatible with CC 2018.


So, to use Suitcase with CC 2018, we have to upgrade to SF8. I participated in the beta. Does SF8 still not have the column view list of fonts like all previous versions going back to Font Reserve? If it still doesn’t have the column view, then Extensis has severely hampered the usefulness of Suitcase Fusion.

More info font by font has its benefits, but a quick sort by column to see a group of fonts organized by OT/TT/PS types or foundries is far more useful on a daily basis. Lacking that, no one here in our art dept. is interested in upgrading. Very disappointing.


You are joking, right? you are forcing an update to a product that doesn’t work for many professionals without the column view?!? I have been using Suitcase for well over a decade and the beta did not work for my workflow. the beta forums were well documented that I am not alone. I was sure that I could just stay with 7 though and be fine for a while until I found a solution… wow, just wow.


Seriously, Extensis… why would you get rid of the column view option? The way the fonts are laid out decreases productivity. Please take these comments into consideration and provide us with a product that meets our needs— especially if you’re going to force us into upgrading in order to keep us updated with Adobe.


You make us once again the same blow. We force you to buy a new version of Suitcase to work with the latest adobe versions. You think you’re Apple or what?


Wait… so that’s it? Just “not compatible”? 7 is not an old app. You are going to force us to upgrade so soon? This may be the last straw for me. After suffering through being mate to wait up to 6 months after new Adobe releases for compatibility in the past, you are now going to force us all to upgrade to a product that people are complaining about. I really wonder what about Extensis at times.


Really this is a joke and this looks like a very bad business model. Since I bought Fusion 7, I had a lot of problems (reported by other people too), now instead of fixing bugs in my tool of choice, you force me to buy a new software, same thing as a couple of years ago.

If your company need a stream of money every year, just put a small yearly subscription as everyone else and please keep developing a working software, instead of developing new versions that noboby seems to like just to squeeze more money.

So, please be serious and also update fusion 7 plugins for CC2018 compatibility.


Same here guys. Just bought Suitcase Fusion 7 a few months ago, now I have to purchase it again? =((


I bought Suitcase Fusion 7 in march.
7 months later it is now obsolete (are my money obsolete after 7 months? I don’t think so).

Font sync with iPad never really worked for me (it was the main reason I choose Extensis over Linotype).
No SF7 updates for compatibility with updated CC, professional features removed from SF8, no free upgrade offered (only if you bought SF7 after august 17).
I can not feel anything less than insulted. I will not bankrupt for losing a hundred and so euros, still it hurts. And I can see I am not the only one. I believe that Extensis will lose lots of credits.

Competition is high, bad move Extensis.


Yep, agreed. Unacceptable to have to pay again so soon. This is the second time I’d need to pay again to get the same service in less that a year. I’m not prepared to do it again.

Care to share a list of the competition you mention? I’d like to look into alternatives. Thanks.


I’m totally fine with paying for a new version of Suitcase Fusion every 9 months, but only as long as it has the column view mode. Without that feature, your product is useless for any design professional.


My company has been notified. She also does not understand how after less than a year of buying a license she still has to pay for a new version, especially at the same price. Well played Extensis. She is looking for another solution for the same job. What a shame when you see that you do not take into account your customers.


I also bought Suitcase Fusion 7 only a few month ago and urgently hope that compatibility with CC 2018 will be added to it very soon! Without the plugins to activate fonts automatically in CC 2018 the program doesn’t work in daily workflows. After using free font software for a while I saved up my money to enable me with Suitcase Fusion. It would be a big shame if the program I bought for would become obsolete after such a short time of use! Due to the comments about missing features in the newer version, I will definitely abstain from investing the same amount of money for the new version. Dear extensis team, please add compatibility! I really hope that I won’t have to change to another software due to this.


I tried the beta version, but without the column view, it was worthless. I have nearly 5000 fonts in my suitcase vault. Without the column view, it took forever to find what I wanted. I, along with a lot of other designers, expressed my dismay to Extensis, but apparently, they just don’t care. I’m now looking for a new font management system (after using Suitcase ever since its first release) that will actually work with CC 2018. Get real Extensis. Suitcase 8 is a major fail.


Terrible move extensis - as you can see your loyal, professional customer base are already seeking alternatives.

I am in the same position of having been fleeced by your cash grab mentality. I was forced to upgrade to SF7 from in under 6 months due to Adobe rollouts - not your control, thats fine I get it. But then I upgrade to SF7 and again, 8 months in and voila, upgrade again! And surprise! No column view!

Your software is no longer a flat rate fee, it’s now, on average, a yearly fee.

It used to be normal to provide updates to software, even prior versions - get it together and have some respect for your clients.


The fact is that Suitcase 7 works fine with CC2018 as long as you don’t need the auto activation. Frankly there is nothing that great in CC2018, but it is hard not to update, and of course that means you need to get a new Suitcase too.

Extensis has been obsoleting SC since 5 by refusing to provide updated activation plug-ins for later versions of CC.Now I don’t mind paying a few bucks for an updated version, and the last few have been fine, but the UI overhaul this time is incredibly inefficient for folks with lots of fonts, like any professional user. I have left 7 on many of our seats and we’ve just lived with the inconvenience of opening fonts manually as needed.


5,000 fonts… try working with this program with 40,000 fonts. It’s sluggish at the best of times.

Extensis is simply blackmailing its customers on an annual basis by refusing to update advertised features, even though the software is nowhere near end of life, and this is wrong on so many levels. Plugin architecture does not change that dramatically between Adobe versions and I seriously doubt that Extensis has to do anything more than update compatible version numbers in the code somewhere.


I have more than 5000 font families, but many more actual fonts installed. I haven’t bothered to install the hundreds more I own…And you are right, it’s sluggish at best. And Extensis doesn’t seem to care. I really hated the beta version. I’d love to find something else that works as well as Suitcase used to, but nothing I’ve tried was as good as what I’ve got. And I hate that there is no auto-activation for CC. The cost of doing business for the independent designer has skyrocketed, and it’s getting harder every day to make a living.


So, this post made me uninstall Suitcase Fusion and move to FontExplorer X Pro. Looking at SF8, I honestly cannot see it working for me at all. Losing the ability to auto-activate fonts on Illustrator with SF7 is annoying, but not a deal-breaker… however, seeing how the company is forcing people to upgrade to such a maligned new version in order to keep that feature, as well as their total unwillingness to even respond to or address these criticisms… I’m out. Not a threat: already done. Money spent, new software totally in place.