Suitcase Fusion 6 - Fonts Disappearing & Not Activating


SF6 is doing all sorts of things. In addition to the product being slow, I find numerous times when I launch Suitcase and activate a font, I’ll then open the file and the font isn’t activated in Suitcase.

Fonts also disappear from the list when I hit to open them and don’t automatically open in my Adobe Creative Suite. I mostly used Photoshop CC2015, but notice this in Illustrator and InDesign.

I have also had fonts deactivate even though I didn’t quite a program. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Font activation problem

Fonts not showing up in your creative applications is 99% of the time a caching issue. The Mac OS systems and font-intensive applications use cache memory to store information about the fonts installed on your computer. Every time you access a font, font data is loaded from the cache when it is needed and discard when finished. This allows the operating system and applications to use less memory to give you more performance power.

Overtime, you may experience problems with fonts, such as garbled fonts, rendering issues,failure to load or even experience a sudden slow down when loading the program. Additionally, fonts not activating or staying
activated are signs of caching troubles. When this happens, it’s a good idea to clean out your font cache.

Fortunately, Suitcase Fusion has this functionality build within the program. Cleaning your
cache within Fusion will clean the caches of your operating system and major design software that is supported by Suitcase Fusion.

Before you clear your cache, you will need to know your computers system password to
complete . To clear your Font Cache in Suitcase:

  1.  Quit all other applications
  2.  Launch Fusion 6
  3.  Choose  File > Clean Font Caches
  4.  Click Clean and Restart
  5.  When promoted, enter your system password, and click


Did this work for you? If you’re still having troubles after you’ve cleared your cache, please get in touch with our Technical Support Team…

Kind regards,
Jennifer Grebil
Customer Service


Thank you!! Clearing out my font cache seems to have worked. My fonts are staying activated and bonus, Indesign is running quicker.