Suitcase Fusion 5 Font Syncing Problems


I’m having problems with one of my smart sets “or could be Suitcase all together”, It seems as though the fonts all have the white circle indicator by the subcategories… In only one smart set category “which is my biggest one of corse”. And now I get frequent font conflicts and most of the fonts in that category I have to manually select myself because they will not load automatically.

  1. This happened upon updating suitcase & Indesign… (both almost at the same time) could this be conflicting with the new addition of type kit? It seems to be trying to pull fonts from type kit instead of syncing with suitcase like it used to. P.S.- I have no interest in Type kit nor have I selected to get the application or search for fonts from it.

  2. I can’t seem to find anything that will link the two back together in the suitcase or Indesign settings… am I missing something simple here?