Suitcase Fusion 4 with Photoshop CS5.5 Mac issues


Hi there,

I have a strange phenomenon with Suitcase Fusion 4 and Photoshop CS5.5. I have the entire CS5.5 Suite, and only PS gives me some grief. When in PS, not all fonts are activated and available. InDesign and Illustrator work just fine. However, most of the fonts are activated, just a few are white instead of green. Anyone experiencing the same problem. I appreciate any tip or hint to resolve this ASAP since I have an upcoming big project coming. Thank you.


My first recommendation is that you clear out your Adobe font caches. Search your Mac for any files whose names start with AdobeFNT and end in .lst. Delete any of these files that show up in your search results, then relaunch Photoshop.

The white dot next to a font set indicates mixed activation. Some of the fonts in the set or family are active and some are not.


Hi Romeo,
thanks so much for your reply. I’ll check into your recommendations, and let you know if these resolved the issue.

Thanks again.