Suitcase Fusion 4 could not open the Font Vault at the locat


I keep getting the “Suitcase Fusion 4 could not open the Font Vault at the location “”.” error when I try to open suitcase and it forces me to quit. I’ve deleted the preferences and tried moving the fontvault, fixing permisions finds nothing but nothing seems to work.



It could be that there’s a problem with the vault, or one of the other files related to Suitcase. Try the steps in this KB article to see if you can fix the problem:



Just to add, the KBA mentions a path to the vault that includes the username of your OSX account. However, most cases where I see that message and it doesn’t specify the user path to the vault but just says “.” is due to a modified hosts file that is missing default entries. Other causes I’ve seen include the use of ‘Cleaner’ applications (e.g. CleanMyMac, MacKeeper etc.) that can modify installed applications.

If you need assistance with troubleshooting these possible causes, you should Contact Technical Support directly.