Suitcase Fusion 4.0.5 will not launch


I recently upgraded to v4 after upgrading to Mountain Lion. Now when I launch SF4 (15.0.5) and it gives me the error message: "Alert: Suitcase Fusion 4 could not open the Font Vault at the location “/Users/t***y/Library/Extensis/Suitcase Fusion/Suitcase Fusion.fontvault”. (My only option at that point is to click the Quit button.)

If this is any help, SF4 is launching from a different user account than my previous User account (noted in the path above). I’ve deleted that old account from my Mac after moving all the data to my new User account. But since I upgraded, I presume SF4 is still looking for that old location? How can I tell it to build a new preference/path to my new account? I appreciate any help here.


Sounds like you should follow the steps in this KB article, and if that doesn’t help, you should Contact Technical Support directly for further assistance.


Thanks so much. Removing the Suitcase 3 preferences did the trick!