Suitcase 6 painfully slow on start up & slows down iMac



I upgraded my imac to el Capitan in December. So far, no issues, all has been running great, except for Suitcase 6.

When I start up Suitcase, I usually activate all my fonts as “temporary” and then when I am finished for the day, de-activate and quit the application. What used to take seconds for all fonts to be activated now takes up to 20mins and slows down my machine so badly, I cannot type a sentence there is such a bad lag.

Once Suitcase is running, my Adobe Illustrator slows down, Photoshop slows down, there is just an over all lagging on my machine to such an extent I actually land up quitting Suitcase altogether just to get things done.

Prior to this I have never had any issues with Suitcase, and I DON’T have an extraordinary amount of “extra” fonts in my library either. These I activate when needed, I don’t keep these open constantly.

I don’t know how to fix this and I cannot carry on like this.
Yes, I do have the latest “fix/update” that Extensis released and my suitcase is sitting at version 17.3.1

No, I have no idea where to even start with my system fonts, postscript fonts etc etc, moving all of that…?

Please, please can you help me? :cry:



Wow really no help? Its nearly been 4 months? PLEASE! I haven’t been able to use my Suitcase since I sent this!


Hi Candice,
The Forums aren’t monitored by the Support team, as they are generally for peer to peer interactions. Contacting Support, at the link below, may be a better alternative to get your issue resolved.


Kind Regards,
Josh Hallenbeck
Customer Service