Suitcase 18.2.4 update generating "FMCore incompatible" error?


I’ve had two instances (both occurred yesterday) of the 18.2.4 update generating the following error: "The FMCore application that is currently running is incompatible with the Extensis plug-in." after opening either Photoshop CC 2017 and Illustrator CC2017 after the update, and I assume InDesign would have done the same thing.

Suitcase was running fine before the update. Both users (I was one of them) ran the update when prompted by the Suitcase auto-updater. We’re both running fully up-to-date macOS 10.12.5; and all Adobe apps are current as well. I’ve asked my other users, 17 others, to hold on this update for now. All team members are part of TeamSync as well for what that’s worth.

While the steps to resolve the issue are concise and work, but I don’t want to have to run them for 17 more users.

Anyone else having this problem or know what might be triggering the error with the FMCore?



Thanks for the feedback and questions.

Question - Were any of the computers restarted after the update?

The FMCore is a process that runs in the background and allows Suitcase and its associated plug-ins activate fonts without having the GUI interface open and running in the foreground. If this process did not quit properly or the computer was not restarted, the FMCore process may give an error such as the one mentioned.

Please try the following on one of your machines:

  • Run the Suitcase Update.
  • Open the Activity Monitor application and check to see if the FMCore process is running.
  • If the process shows in the list, quit or stop the process.
  • Once the process disappears from the list, open Suitcase Fusion
  • Then open one of the Adobe applications.

If you still receive the error message, please contact our Support Team so that we can review the issue:



Neither workstation was restarted after the update.

OK, so that was successful:
Ran the installer;
FMCore was running; Quit the process
Opened Suitcase (FMCore process launched again);
Opened Illustrator and Photoshop with no error

So the next question I have is, what’s going on with the installer that this is happening? And do I need to follow this procedure for each of my users to make sure there are no issues because I’d be lucky to have more than 25% of them follow those steps (not your problem, just sayin’).

Thanks for quick reply!


The Suitcase installer does enable a process that is suppose to quit the FMCore process when the installation process starts. If for some reason the process does not stop, then the resulting error will occur.