Suggestions for Suitcase Fusion


I was browsing for fonts today and I got to thinking about how to make it easier to find what I’m looking for.

Advanced Quick Match – 1) Search by font height-to-width ratios. This way, I could find similar fonts based on how wide or tall the letters are. I could enter some sample text and specify how tall or wide I want the font and get some results! Allowing this type of search to be done with our without a comparison font. 2) search for font styles from a list instead of just another font. This’d be great if I want to find most slab serif fonts in one go (since not all fonts announce their style).

For any search done in the program (quick match, find, etc.), I’d like to see some sort of indicator that lets me know if the font is part of a font family and let me see what other weights and styles are in the same family. It’s not fun to find a font that looks great for one part of what I need, but doesn’t have italics or whatever. If I could know what other fonts are in the same family, at-a-glance, that’d be awesome!

Thanks for listening to my suggestions!

~ Michael K.