Starting from scratch


The article here shows how to clear my system font folder and start over with Windows fonts only, but it shows how to do it for Windows 7. Is this article relevant for Windows 10 as well?


Yes. Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 share the same steps to restore to defaults. Please make sure you use Suitcase Fusion to collect the fonts for output prior to removing fonts from your System Fonts folder.

Collecting Fonts for Output


Thank you for your help. I realize that the Windows OS will rebuild it’s needed list of fonts automatically, but can you tell me if my Adobe CS6 applications will also rebuild their needed fonts? Each Adobe application installs it’s own set of fonts and if I move all the fonts out of the system font folder, those Adobe fonts will move out with them. Would I need to uninstall and reinstall all the Adobe apps?


If applications install fonts in the System Fonts folders, you will need to re-added them or move them to Suitcase Fusion in order for you to manage and organize.

When fonts are added to the System Fonts folder they will remain active for all applications. When added to Suitcase, they can be managed and activated when necessary. Adding these fonts to Suitcase will allow you more control and less clutter when working in applications.


yes, like you said, unfortunately I don’t think the application fonts will be re-added automatically. I’ll have to find out what they are and do it manually. But will be worth it to get my system organized. Thanks for your help.