SQL query for edit of custom field



I was wondering if anyone has any experience with SQL queries in Portfolio Server. I have created a custom field “Safety Approved” with a predefined list with only allow from this list enabled. I would like to query the DB for the custom field “Safety Approved” and return a list of assests that has information in that field as well as the username that has made the edit. Is this possible?

Current config is Portfolio server 10.1 and SQL2008



Server 10.2 is a free update to version 10.1 customers, and if you’re running on SQL you would have our Enterprise version. Thus you could use the documented API that was made available in version 10.2 to do the query you want, rather than trying to dig into SQL tables and schema. We also have developer assistance available for customers looking to do things with the API. Contact Extensis Sales for more information if required.