Smart Sets & Google?


Is there a way to create a filter to see …

1 - all favorite fonts across all sources?

2 - all favorite fonts in Google, and separately in WebKit?

I just want to see my favorites so that I can print out a cheat sheet. Easy to do with main font library, but the smart sets are disconnected from google or webkit. Why is that???




It is working correctly for me in SF7 18.1.1. The default Favorites Smart Search will search across all libraries (including Google and TypeKit).

If you click on you smart search and look at the top of the preview pane you can see which libraries the search will be performed in.

Is it possible you are using a converted Smart Set (what they used to be called) from SF6? That search would only search on the library the Smart Set was created on due to being converted.

Thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7!



Thanks Clint.

Oh, I didn’t see or guess that’s how the smart sets work. I sure wish I could see a column in the table view below (that i just discovered after 6 years – needs a better UI indicator, not a dot, that panel is even there. :slight_smile: that shows which library the font is from. When I see the list of favorites, I can’t tell if those are form my local vault or from Google, or Webkit.

Ah, I see that search drop down now. Never noticed that!

My mental model has the G & WK ones as separate, which separate usage guidlines; I tend to manage them a bit differently too. Any chance you’d think others would value having that column added?

Love the Search filter now that I see it. Wish it was closer to the focus area of the filters. I know why it’s there, so that it’s available when the filter tray is closed. It’s just that when I have my app full screen, it’s 12 inches over to the right, so I missed it.



Well in SF7 we completely redid the Smart Search feature and made it so you could actually use them to search across all libraries. In SF6 Smart Sets were restricted to the library they were created in (in fact they had been like that since they were introduced years and years ago) so it makes sense you would think of them as separate containers.

I will add to the feature request list a Library column. We haven’t added one in the past as presenting that information in a list view when a font can be in multiple libraries can be pretty messy. As well sorting doesn’t really work very well but we will investigate it.

However you can see what libraries a font is a member of by opening the Info panel (Command + I). When you select a font in the list view or the preview pane at the bottom of the Info panel you can see the libraries that font has been added to.


P.S. You can toggle the list view open and closed with a keyboard command [Command + Option + /] or via the View menu Hide/Show Font List.