Slow to login, slow to search



At my company we are running Portfolio Server 11.0.2. Users are finding that it takes around 25 seconds to login and for the images to display (after entering login credentials). This time seems to be increasing as more images are added to the system. A simple search takes about 3 seconds. Please could anyone give me some ideas for performance tuning this issue as the users feel the system is becoming unusable.
I’m very new to Portfolio so I’d be grateful even for advice you may feel is basic.

As part of looking at this I tried running a SQL Server profiler trace and I can see that there are around a thousand events a second being processed by the SQL Server, mainly of the form “select Record_ID,Record_ID,Filename,PlaceHolder,Last_Modified,File_Size,FullyCataloged,Cataloged,Last_Updated from Item_Table where Record_ID=66081”. This seems to be irrespective of someone being logged in, so is this an underlying scanning process causing these queries? Can we stop or schedule that process?

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I’d recommend you contact our UK office for best advice over the phone as there could be a variety of different things in play. It’s possible that ‘Autosync’ is continuously trying to update, and perhaps failing for some reason that is leading to the continuous queries to the SQL Server. The only initial thought would be that you’re not running the most up to date version (11.2.1), so you could try updating first. After that though, we’d need more information about number of catalogs & galleries, how many watched folders, and what their settings are set to etc., which is why you’d be best to talk with the UK team directly (+44 1604 654270), and you can ask for me by name if you wish.