Slow Start-up after install


I recently decided to start using Suitcase fusion to manage my fonts since I have so many. But now it takes my Macbook pro an extra few minutes to start up. Before suitcase Fusion it started up in a minute or less, now it hangs for like 5 minutes before finder is active.

Is this common? :open_mouth:


My 2009 iMac i7 took a half hour to restart after installation.


This can happen if:

  1. You have lots of fonts in your system font folders
  2. You have hundreds of fonts active in Suitcase

This article will help you clean up your system fonts:

extensis.com/support/knowled … mavericks/

To find out how many fonts you have active in Suitcase, Control + Click on your Font Library and select ‘New Smart Set’.
A find dialog will display at the top of Suitcase. Set the first field to ‘Activation’ and the second to ‘activated’.
The results will show you all fonts that are activated in Suitcase. The more you have active, the longer it will take Suitcase to start.