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Will there ever be sketchapp.com/ support for Suitcase?

Sketch plugin


Thanks for asking!
Extensis is always evaluating new design applications to integrate with and Sketch is on our radar.
We have not added this development to our current 2016 roadmap. At this point, I am unable to speculate if or when we can commit to the work, but ensure we will continue to investigate the market opportunity. I will log your request and any others I receive to improve it’s popularity.

Have you tried using the Suitcase global activation option with Sketch to see if it offers the support you need?



Bump! This would be super helpful, especially since I’ve been switching over to Sketch more and more for web design. I use Suitcase’s Google Fonts integration daily, so it would be great if there was an auto-activation plugin for the program. Currently, I have to close out of my file, open Suitcase, activate, and open up the file again. It’s a small nuisance, but it’s still annoying!


Two years on, and the answer would appear to be “no”. Extensis is doing everything it can to lose pro users - and least it is doing that well.


This would really be helpful.


We’ve been on about this for years. Before I upgrade, will SF ever support auto-activation with Sketch, or shall I switch to a font manager than does?