Since upgrade to El Capitan some apps not showing some fonts


Since we upgraded to El Capitan, some fonts do not show in FusionPro VDP Creator or Pitstop Pro, when loaded in the Universal Type client. We have to copy to the Library/Fonts folder.

Anyone else seen this happening?


Thanks for your question. The applications you mentioned do not have auto-activation plug-ins. However, you should be able to activate the fonts in Universal Type Client and then select them in your applications. Are the fonts activated in UTC with a green or blue indication next to the font name?


Yes. They are activated in UTC fine. They show in InDesign, etc. It’s just that “some fonts” activated that way are OK in Fusion Pro & Pitstop, and some are not. I can’t figure why.


What type(s) of fonts are not available? Postscript, TT or OT? Is it a font that has been converted?

I did a quick Google search for “Fusion Pro Fonts” and came up with several font related issues in their forums.

If activation is working in other programs, then our product is working as expected. I would suggest reaching out to the other companies respective application support portals and see if they are able to assist as well.


I have reached out to all the related products’ support already. I don’t believe the issue is with UTC. Just included you in case you’ve seen this before.

Thanks for looking into it.

Rick Plummer