Share the Fontvault!


Hi all,

I was wondering.
SF5 comes with a dual license, meaning you can and may use the software on two computers.
Wouldn’t it be very (!) nice if we could also share one (1) fontvault on two computers through dropbox or a NAS or something else. I know Extensis also sells a Font Server that can take care of this, but that is pretty expensive for a lot of freelance designers like me.
It just feels strange, having the ability to install SF5 on both my iMac and MacBook Pro, but not being able to use the same font vault on these two devices. In the past I used Fontcase, but that little gem no longer exists, and it let me put the font database on Dropbox so it could be shared on another machine and even on an iOS device.
Can’t Extensis make the fontvault shareable between two devices, it sounds logical (because of the dual license of SF5) and would make a lot of sense to me.
Is someone from Extensis reading this?


I completely agree with this idea. Would definitely make life much easier! I’m surprised that Extensis hasn’t made this an option yet!


Hello “WooHoo” & “greenSquid”:

Sharing the fontvault between machines is currently un-supported. You can however set up the fontvault on one machine as you wish (fonts loaded and organized) and then copy the fontvault to the 2nd machine.

Here’s how:

extensis.com/support/knowled … -mac-os-x/


Extensis Technical Support


I agree, this is a feature that needs to be added. Copying and pasting the font vault over and over again (or trying to remember to drag over a font file, create the folder again, etc) is annoying if you have a workflow between two computers. Being able to keep the file on a server (and not have it re-save the entire font vault every time a modification is made) would be a great update.


I’ll file a feature request on your behalf, since UTS is probably overkill for your situation.