SF7 User Interface does not show


I have an iMac computer running OSX 10.11.4. I am currently using CS6 Adobe Products plus a current version of MS-Office. I am not on the Adobe Creative Cloud at all. When I installed the SF7 program, SF7 shows in the applications folder and is on my Dock. But when I click on the application to activate it, I get a login screen for SF7. Since there was no further guidance on what login Extensis expects, I used my long-time Extensis login. That brought me to a page wanting to sell me SF7 once again. I do not need to purchase a program that does not work out of the box. What step am i missing in the installation process? There is nothing in your resources videos that takes me to the next step. Please advise. I contacted tech support and customer support, but no one at Extensis has the answer. There is a definite step missing in the process somewhere.


Hi Mike,

I am sorry you are having difficulty with getting SF7 up and running. As you noted, SF7 requires you to log-in to the product. This log-in validation is new and has replaced entering a serial number. From our records, I see that you have a registered version of SF7 (thanks for your purchase). You certainly shouldn’t be seeing a screen asking you to purchase the product again and you haven’t missed a step anywhere. I understand that our technical support reached out to you this morning in response to your email and if you aren’t seeing that email response, please feel free to contact Support: http://www.extensis.com/company/contact-us/