SF4 bogs down, crashes Illustrator CS6. FM Core?


Anybody else have any problems with SF4, Mac and Adobe CS6? Any suggestions?

There seems to be three issues.

  1. Adobe Illustrator (and to some degree InDesign and Photoshop) running extremely slow and crashing. Disabled Suitcase Fusion and FM Core and everything ran great (with only system fonts, of course). Turning off Suitcase Fusion alone made no apparent difference - it seems like FM Core was the cause of the problem. Looking at Activity Monitor, FM Core seems to be quite a resource hog. Experimenting with opening Illustrator and then just letting it sit for 5 minutes or so before opening a file seemed to work, but trying to close it down always ended with me having to “force quit.” My guess is that the “close” command timed out before FM Core had time to do its thing. Turn off FM Core and lllustrator closes down fine every time. I am also guessing, based on the Activity Monitor (%CPU usage and ratio of Page outs to Page ins) that I probably have insufficient RAM. Remember, I have a 2.16GB font vault. Removing all extensis.com preferences deleted all my sets. I spent 4 hours last night building a working set of activated fonts, much smaller than the set I was using previously. Initial tests seem positive, as long as I give Illustrator plenty of time to open, close, and operate. I have feeling that disabling the extensis pull down menu in Illustrator might further help with the program crashing and closing down (how do you do that?). I also am going to buy additional RAM (I have a 2.5 Ghz Core 15 with 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, will upgrade to 8 GB or 16 GB).

  2. Suitcase Fusion arbitrarily opening fonts. I select one font to activate, and the program hauls off and activates (or tries to activate) every font in the vault (sometimes just a random assortment, usually several hundred to several thousand all starting with the same or close alphabetic characters - all the “d”, “f”, and “g” fonts and half the “h” fonts, for example). When trying to “de-activate,” either the program or the OS sends me endless messages about how an OS error is preventing me from de-activating whatever font is in question. Cancel, that, and another dialog box pops up with the same message. With 14,000+ fonts trying to deactivate, and with every one taking 5 seconds to manually hit a button, it would take about 20 hours (with me hitting a button every 5 seconds) to complete the “deactivation” process. Unacceptable. Could be user error (inadvertently selecting a group of fonts instead of just one font), but I am beyond ridiculously careful to make sure only one font is highlighted when I activate fonts.

I do not know why this random activation happens. Because it has happened a few times, I am “extremely” (insanely, to be more precise) careful when I go into Suitcase to activate a font (my pulse actually goes up and I get nervous when I have to activate a font). I have probably activated fonts in Suitcase 5,000 to 7,000 times, so I probably know what I am doing, but every once in a while this kind of thing happens. When it does, my heart falls in my chest because I know that I am going to have to “force quit” Suitcase and throw away my preference files. No big deal, except that building the activated font sets takes a good day (remember, 14,000 + fonts to sift through).

  1. FM Core not recognizing font vault (or something like that). Log out and log back in to fix it. Basically a hassle, and a 5 minute time waster, but I only need to do this a few times a week. I gather this is a common problem.

Tentative solutions:

More RAM
Smaller vault
Multiple vaults
Be even more nervous and anal when activating fonts (life shouldn’t be so hard).
Discovering a bug or system conflict (repair or reinstall Suitcase or - shudder - OS).

My guess is that most serious professionals using CS6 and Suitcase Fusion full-time for a living (and have 14,000+ fonts to deal with) have their RAM maxed out. It is entirely possible that with more RAM, FM Core will run better and not bog down. It is possible that when I am trying to activate fonts, waiting a few minutes with nothing happening, then clicking on the button again or re-selecting the font again or whatever, causing some kind of multiple commands that kicks in when the resources become available. I really don’t know, but I can tell you it is frustrating when you are in the heat of working to have to take a ten minute break tapping your pencil while Suitcase takes its good old time getting around to activating a font!

I am also guessing that this problem is showing up now because of FM Core running in the background and tighter integration with CS6. Lovely features but also resource hogs.