SF not differentiating between font weights in AgencyFB


AgencyFB family all displaying either “Regular” or “Bold” in “Preview” window even though they are all different weights & “Post-Script” name is correct in info & “Attributes” panel. Once in After Effects, even if the entire family is activated, I only see (2) weights, Regular & Bold. Same thing in Photoshop. I can see all of the weights but they’re all named “Regular” or “Bold”. I can’t choose any of the other weights in Ps; I get this error: You cannot apply the selected font because a font with the same menu name is already active. Can anyone shed light on this? Thank you.


It sounds like the font has some sort of mismatch between Menu names and Postscript names, where it’s not correctly differentiating every single weight.


Any idea how I can go about fixing this?


Did you find away to sort this as we are having the same problems but with a different font?

Cheers simon