SF 7 compatible with CC(2014) and CC(2015) but not CC?


I just upgraded from SF 6 to SF 7. I use multiple versions of Adobe CC apps from CC to 2014 to 2015. I now see that when I upgraded from SF 6 to SF 7 there is no longer a plug-in for CC.


Hi mmeyer,

We have a detailed guide to Suitcase Fusion support of the Adobe core app / OS combinations here. It’s a good resource, especially if you are using multiple versions of CC.


The guide seems to be wrong, as CC 2014 plug-ins do appear when running OS X 10.11 (although I haven’t tried installing them)


Thanks for pointing that out, proficient. You are correct that the guide is in error as Suitcase Fusion 7 does support CC 2014 in OS X 10.9-10.11. (I posted earlier that was not the case). Glad to know they are running for you and for pointing out the error in our documentation - it will be corrected shortly.