Serial number does not work


I bought SuitcaseFusion 6 after my trial ended after 30 days. When I enter the serial number and click on the Continue button nothing happens. I did phone support but I was given something about iTunes in French and it does not seem to help. Can anyone help please? Thank you


This is usually caused by bad user permissions. Apple used to have a KBA on how to fix the issue as it could affect iTunes also, but has since removed the English KBA as it was an old issue for old versions of iTunes. However, it’s still possible to find localised (e.g. French) versions of that KBA if you Google search on ‘TS1277’. The first result is the French article and you should then be able to copy/paste the url into translate.google.com to have the instructions in translated English. Despite being a translation, it reads fine to me and should be correct and easy to follow.

If you need further assistance, you should contact the support team directly again for assistance.