Selective Watched Folder Cataloging


Hi there- Is there any way to set up a watched folder to only import items with the same customization as a smart gallery? Like items of a specific file type and maybe a specific string in the filename? I see that you can choose a cataloging preset for a watched folder, but I don’t see how you can customize a preset to use the advanced settings of defining file types, nor is there an option for searching for a specify string. I know that I could catalog the entire directory, then use a smart gallery to narrow down the search results, but I have many files that I don’t want out clients to see/have access to.


Short answer is ‘No’. Watched folders are an adjunct of the original ‘manual’ cataloguing and use the same rules. Find (queries) uses a different set of rules. Your approach is wasteful in terms of processor effort too as everything is always scanned just so a few things are catalogued. FolderSync is better for watching managed folders - i.e. of stuff you want in the DAM. If you’ve DAM and non DAM assets totally interleaved throughout, you should give consideration to reviewing DAM strategy to get an more effective** approach.

** Effective in terms of fitting well with your chosen DAM.

Art of the possible. Rather than have a watched folder with everything in it and make FolderSync figure out what you want to actually add, make one or more sub-folders to your ‘everything’ folder and only put into them assets you want catalogued. If you want cataloguing options to set different data on different files, that is a reason to use more than one sub-folder.