Selecting all in NetPublish


With the new updates, will end-users be able to select all the assets in a NetPublish site with just one click or do they still have to select each asset individually? I did not see anything in the What’s New notes referring to this.



There have been no changes to NetPublish for being able to batch select multiple files for download. You still have to select the records individually to add them to the selection queue, then download them from there.


Can you add this feature to your next update. Twice a year, I create a netpublish site to send to my reps and they usually contain over 200 images, which means the rep has to select each image in order to download all of them.


I second this request a desired feature.


Hi dcarton and sharris,

Thanks for your feedback and this request has been passed along to the Portfolio product owner.


That’s great, thank you very much.


Hi Mike

Has this feature been added to an update yet?

If not, when might it be?

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We haven’t made any changes around this in the product. Yeah, I think the way we do the selection in NP can get a little annoying. That check can be a real pain to click on each time.

Any thoughts on how you’d like to see it work?

I don’t write any of the code but I imagine that we could put something in the NP where you could do a select all but is that what you really want? If you have like 5000 items in the site then your users could do a select all and then have all those items selected.

Maybe it is more of an option of a shift-select where you can choose a range of assets up to X amount of items and then a clicking on one of the checks would select that entire selection.

I’d love to hear any thoughts from folks.



Hi Dan

Thank you for responding so quickly. Having to select more than one item at a time at this point would be a huge deal. So with that said, anyway to add both ways of selecting files:

  1.   A select all at the top
  2.   Ability to shift and select a range

At the beginning of each season, we shoot a quick sample shot of the new shoe line so the reps can have a look and use the images to sell to their clients. With the majority of the samples shot at one time, many of the reps want to print all of them at once. Then, I do another shoot to take care of the stragglers so the reps would need the ability to just select those images. So, yes, I would like both selection abilities.

Thank you.



I’ll talk it over with the team and see if there is something we can perhaps come up with to change here in the future.
I think there are some technical issues for us to solve here with how it works with the scrolling and/or if you try to make a selection since when you click on an asset we bring up the preview of the image.

I’ll keep folks updated on our talk.



Any updates on this issue?