Searching for font classification?


Today, I tried searching for fonts in which I have assigned classifications. I was looking specifically for serif fonts. The problem is like most people I have a serif and a sans serif classification, which means that in searching for “serif” fonts SF5 also included “sans serif” fonts in the search results.

Is there anyway to do a search that isolates “serif” fonts only?


could be totally off my rocker here … but might offer some idea.

go to menu / edit / find-fonts
center pane will drop down to reveal find-font library
first field would be "any"
second-field would be “classification” and “matches” and "serif"
click “+” to add second filter
third-field would be “classification” and “does not match” and “sans serif”

perhaps the following attachment might give you some inclination … take note, i utilized different parameters:

also, you might set up a “test” font-set first; which would include both sans and sans-serif fonts … to see if what you are attempting will work on small number (five or ten) of fonts.

sf needs to work harder when more fonts are being filtered … so take that into consideration.