Search No Longer Working v. 17.1.0


After upgrading to Suitcase Fusion 6 17.1.0 the search function no longer works. I get the beach ball which necessitates a force quit and re-launch. Here’s what I’ve tried to do to resolve the issue:

• Force Quit, re-launch and try search again
• Sign out/Sign in, re-launch and try search again
• Restart, re-launch and try search again
• Clean font caches, re-launch and try search again
• Trashed the FMCore file, re-launch and try search again
• Ran Terminal for the Host file issue, no problem detected with the Host file
• Ran Disk Utility and repaired permissions, re-launch and try search again
• Restored the default configuration by dumping the .plist, .db, etc. in the Preferences folder

I have a large library of nearly 14k fonts.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello from France,

I have exactly the same on 5 Macs…

  • the menu’s title are English, and all is french
  • if I click on a library, it takes a lot of times to see inside
    Any idea?


Add to “Search No Longer Working,” “find” (command + f) feature is not working for me either — specifically when I try to search for a keyword. It seems to work fine on the default “Postscript Name” option, but when I switch to “Keyword,” the field clears, then the beach ball spins up as if it’s trying to search for something.

I have a sginificant set of keywords and a large library.

As this is a terribly important feature which helps select type for projects, a fix is desperately needed.

I have not received any help on the original issue from the forum. I know Extensis wants users to call tech support, but this is a problem on my home computer which I’m only ever in front of after Extensis support is closed.