Screwy Organization in Font Library (fonts imported into numbered folders...)


Hey all:

Somehow, when I imported all my typefaces in Suitcase, they all sorted into numbered folders. Not just each typeface — but each weight! :frowning: So, each folder contains one font, i.e. Times Light, Times Italic, Times Semibold, Times Bold.

SOS! I need to consolidate all the typefaces into one folder. I have over 10,000 typefaces, and each weight is in a folder, so manually resolving this issue would require that I drag and drop the fonts from 20,000+ folders. I could potentially re-import all the typefaces, but I’m not sure that I still have them saved on my backup drive which I used for transferring them to my new member of Suitcase.

Does anyone know of a way that I can automate consolidating all these fonts into a single folder, like my A-Z folder that I created. (See screenshot).

Would SO appreciate any guidance!




All those fonts are in the Font Library, you can think of it as the parent container. All the sets within that Library exist only in that library, so you can freely remove sets without removing the fonts within the parent library.

In your situation above you can just select all the sets in the Font Library library and remove them. This will leave all the fonts in Font Library but you then won’t have the 10k sets :slight_smile:

At that point you can freely create new sets however if you want to do A-Z at that point, you would need to do it manually.

Hope this helps and thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7!



@cdaeuble Wow. That was stupid easy. Sometimes we overlook the most obvious solution. Ha, thanks! Didn’t realize the Font Library was a parent container; I was afraid deleting the numbered folders was equivalent to deleting all the content of the Font Library!

But alas, problem solved! Time to sort these puppies by foundry! Thanks again for the quick and clear response!


Happy to help out and let us know if you have any other questions!