S. Fusion 5 vs. Win7 Professional 64-bit


Hello, I am asking for an explanation of “help”. Own program Suitcase Fusion 5. I have version 16.2.4. installed on Win 7 Home 64-bit and it works without problems. Now I have the same version installed on a computer running Win7 Professional 64-bit and finds that it is not in the program Suitcase Fusion 5 v. 16.2.4. add fonts (Add fonts …). I tried to uninstall programs that do not affect S. Fusion 5, I uninstalled and all system updates, but without result. I reinstalled the program itself several times but nothing helped. Then I tried an older version of Fusion 5 S. 16.0.0. and on the Win7 system proff. 64-bit running “works”. Can you please explain?


Hello Jiri Horak:

SF5 should work the same on windows 7 (64bit) “home” or “professional”.
SF5 runs in 32-bit mode on 64-bit Windows systems; SF6 is a 64 bit program.