Rotating images


Is there a way to rotate images in Portfolio? Horizontal to vertical and visa versa?



There are a number of Convert and Batch Processing options in Portfolio, however rotation is not one of them.


Can you add that to the Feature Request list for development?


I would be glad to. Would you mind sharing more about the use case and feature details?


Sure. We have images that where taken by a previous employee on her digital camera. She didn’t have the settings correct when she for got the camera, so all images came in horizontal, even though she took them vertically. If users could see these images in the proper format they will be more likely to use them. I’ve flagged a few examples here.

As I find these images in the collection I would like to be able to rotate them.



Thanks, Mandy. I have passed this request along to the product owner.


I second the request for this functionality.


I would also like this feature. Thanks.