Right-click send to email recipient



I looked through the API and could not find anything related to my question. I would like to enable users to right-click on an asset and send via email, while also reducing the file size. This used to be available in the desktop client, but never in the web client.

Would there be a there a way to add this functionality, possibly in conjunction with the Batch Process feature?

Thanks in advance for any advice!



Hi Jared,

Unfortunately there is no way for you to add that kind of feature to the web client with the API.

I have forwarded your request to our Product Manager, so that he can consider prioritizing this feature into a future release.

Also, I think you could accomplish what you want with NetPublish, wherein users can download derivative assets (such as a compressed JPEG), and copy URL links to assets and email them to others. Let me know if you would like a demo of NetPublish or have any questions about it.



Hi Loren,

I appreciate the suggestion and had been experimenting with NetPublish. While it has some very nice features, it unfortunately is not quite usable in our environment. Our site is accessible only within our hospital network due to HIPPA and PHI. I am also concerned with the level of ease for both our faculty and our partners. Our department reviews many cases and sends their findings along with the attached images. The easiest thing right now would be a simple method for e-mailing them.

Thank you for passing this request along. As of right now, I have advised our faculty to use drag-and-drop from Portfolio Express to Outlook.

Thank you,


Hi Jared,

That all makes sense. Good call on using Express for this workflow.

Please don’t hesitate to send other questions or feature requests or observations on how integrations using the API are going, our way!