Restrict upload location


I’m just trialling Portfolio Server 11, just wondered if its possible to allow Uploads but only to a specific location, I don’t want people to be able to upload files to our Master Assets without them being checked first?


Portfolio Server will allow uploads to any watched (Autosync) folder if the user is a Publisher or Administrator. If the users are Editors or Readers, they will not be able to upload files to Portfolio Server.


I did an install with a customer where this is exactly what they did. They created a catalog for each venue to upload files to with its own watched folder. Then created a ‘master catalog’ that was watching the parent folder of all the venues. Thus a web client user at each venue would only see their own folder and catalog to be able to upload/edit content, whilst head-office could see all uploaded files and copy/move them out of the subfolders to a separate archive.

So in short, you can do exactly what you ask, but the way to do it is to use multiple catalogs. Depending on how you build the workflow you can retain all the metadata as well if those uploading the files are also tagging the data.