Restoring a Deleted Keyword


How can I restore a deleted keyword and all the fonts it was applied to?

It’s a sad story… My cursor flew over the little minus button down at the bottom of the Keywords pane right after applying the keyword to the latest addition to the hundreds of “geometric” fonts I have. I can’t bear to lose the ability to search for this keyword when spec’ing type.

Is there a preference file that can be pulled from my Time Machine?

FEATURE REQUEST 1: Pop up modal that asks "Are you sure you want to delete this keyword?"
FEATURE REQUEST 2: Backing up/Saving a keywords file to import in case of disaster.


The Suitcase Fusion fontvault contains all the fonts and database. It’s stored at /Users//Library/Extensis/Suitcase Fusion/

You could try rolling that file back through time machine if it’s possible. That’s also the answer to your second question of how to backup the keywords you’ve made. You can backup the entire fontvault file and restore it as necessary. I do this to save me creating a whole new configuration should I get a new machine.


It worked! Thanks for all your help.

Now let’s get cracking on that first feature request.


Feature requests are best submitted via our Online Contact Form as the details will come straight through to support who can log the feature request directly from those details. If you could kindly submit your requests via that method, it’ll definitely get logged with the Product Management team for consideration in a future release.