Required use of tags before archiving?


Is there a option where you can require the use of certain tags (such as date, place, location) before allowing an individual to archive a document? I’m aware that you can have a synced upload folder that has a admin approve properly labelled documents however, I am looking for a way around that method as it will take to much time to approve each individual document.




Portfolio does not have ‘required fields’ that forces a user to enter tags before they can submit a file. However, we’ve implemented several workflows with customers where they can easily validate incoming files and reject ones that are not tagged with appropriate metadata through the use of Smart galleries that are searching for values that don’t ‘exist’. Where those values ‘do not exist’ it returns items so you can see which files that have been uploaded have not been tagged.

I’ve also worked with customers for whom Portfolio isn’t even the tool of choice for those generating the content and tagging files, such as organisations with Photographers who are using Adobe Lightroom to tag files. So long as the data is being embedded it will automatically be extracted once the file is uploaded to Portfolio. So the tagging all happens before Portfolio, but again it’s easy to validate what has been tagged or not once the files are uploaded.

But this is talking about uploads through our software interfaces. It would be possible to develop a custom upload tool that forces metadata input via the Enterprise version’s API if it’s truly what you need.