Reorganising/Renaming Font Families


Why can’t I do this anylonger in Suitcase 7 on a Mac?

Can't Re-organise or Rename fonts in Suitcase Fusion 18.2.0


This feature has been removed from Suitcase Fusion 7, due to other changes in the product the ability to modify font family names as well as the ability to create custom families was removed.

It was a surprisingly complex feature that very few customers used, so to ease database upgrades and provide a robust cloud feature we decided to remove the custom font family feature from Suitcase Fusion 7.

Thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7!

Product Owner - Fonts


You could do this previous versions


I must have been one of the “few” customers who used this feature. When you have 30K plus fonts, and each family has a separate listing for each file, it’s extremely cumbersome. Not a happy camper.


I do think there are a lot of macintosh user to use the ability to regroup and rename font families a ‘must’ - I am not happy when looking for a font, finding it listed under its Type Foundry name (ITC, Linotype etc!)


I relied on this feature to the point that I will be finding a new font manager software very soon…I’ve been using Suitcase since version 3 and it really upsets me to have to switch, but that’s how important this functionality is. I tried to get used to not being able to group families but my font lists are a total mess…some fonts like Univers or Gotham have 40+ separate line items in the Library window. What am I expected to do, open every single of my 20K fonts in Fontographer and edit the family name just so Suitcase will group them properly? Ridiculous. Please bring back this much-needed feature, because I really don’t want to have to switch to a new font manager.


Please bring back this feature as the previous version!


Reluctantly (for the effort, if nothing else) I shall be changing font management for my business. This is a deal-breaker. Pity.