Reformat downloaded images?


One great feature of stand-alone and Web Client is the ability to download a reformatted image - in my case, ideally taking a huge tiff and making it a 100 dpi PowerPoint sized jpg. Is there any clever workaround for making this function happen in Netpublished pages?


Some of the NetPublish templates include a ‘Save As’ functionality. Some also include ‘Small/Medium/Large’ buttons. These functions are configurable outside of the template to enable different options/sizes. But to use these template options requires NetMediaMAX. Without NetMediaMAX the NetPublish template options won’t include any ‘on-the-fly’ conversion, just delivery of catalogued asset, and display of thumbnails/low res preview (that you could right-click and save).

For customers that need both products, it’s possible to purchase a ‘MAXPack’ bundle for a discounted price compared to purchasing separately.


Thanks. I really don’t need a wide range of resampling options, just one - 100 dpi, maximum 9" x 12", jpg. In looking at the template offerings on the “Detail” page I now see that all but one are branded “MediaMax” and offer download options. I’m disinclined to recommend buying that bundle right now, so - is this something I could reasonably ask our local coders to drop into the page code or is it more involved than that? When Max installed this he seemed to think that it was not a big deal.


NP can show thumbnails, previews, and originals - the latter only if they are web browser compatible (e.g. JPG, PNG or GIF). Thumbnails and previews are always JPGs and are generated by Portfolio.

NP can make derivatives - smaller sized versions - of thumbnails/previews/originals but only as JPG PNG or GIF. In the case of originals the source image must be an uncompressed bitmap. So a normal TIF is OK but a zip-ed TIF or an EPS is not. Of course Portfolio’s cataloguing process has more filters and can make screen previews. If you need NP derivatives that are bigger than current screen previews and the originals can by used (due to format) consider regenerating larger screen preview files (allow for extra local storage space!). The larger screen previews, which are JPGs, can be used as the source for NP images. Indeed, if NP is a primary viewing means it might make sense to make the screen previews the desired download size so now extra processing is needed for delivery.

The NP wizard may well not offer screen controls for this aspect of configuration so it will need some editing at code level.

NP can’t alter dpi. Screen previews are 72dpi. Thumbnails will be the same, unless extracted from images in which case the dpi might vary. If you need to alter dpi, you’ll ned to go with NetMediaMAX and get to grips with MediaRich scripting. The latter uses a JavaScript-based language but note there is little documentation (certainly no simple beginner’s stuff).