Record locked to input when PDF is locked


I’ve had an issue with PDF files and their record being locked to input if the original asset is password protected. Finally figured this out, but why would the database not accept new entries if the original can’t be written to? I’ve got the write metadata function turned off, but the only way I could add metadata to both system and custom fields is if I unlock the original PDF. I thought there wasn’t any active connection with the originals if it’s configured like this? Anyone else have this problem?


How did you realize this was an issue?



I’m not sure I understand what the behavior is. Did you turn off all metadata extraction and embedding, or just for certain fields?

Can you contact Technical Support so we can follow up on this?


Hey Guys,

The problem presented itself when I couldn’t add any metadata to the record, it simply gave me that dreaded “An Unexpected Error Occured” error message. Knowing that this file was locked using Acrobat’s locking protocols, I promptly unlocked the file, and it tested ok when unlocked. Unfortunately we don’t allow these files into the wild without being locked, so I just go through the unlocking/locking process when processing these files.

So I’m curious as to why the database is monitoring the status of the asset and why it’s affecting access to the record?

Unfortunately this client let their ASA expire, so I’m locked out of calling tech support for a bit. But will follow up with them when the license is activated again. So this is my only outlet for tech support in the mean time, and you’ll probably see a couple more posts in the near future.

Any idea on how to get this fixed, or is it a feature request?




Whenever you add metadata to a Portfolio 2016 catalog, we attempt to embed the metadata into the files as well. Even if the file is read-only, locked, or an encrypted PDF, we still try to write to the file.

The issue with being unable to embed metadata into encrypted PDFs (and the confusing error message) has been escalated to the Product Team, but they are still investigating options.


Hi Folks,

Thanks for the response… It’s not that I can’t embed metadata, it’s that I can’t make any entries into the portfolio database record for that asset.




I’m not sure why that would be happening.

I would recommend calling or emailing Technical Support so we can investigate this fully; this is outside the scope of what we can answer in the forums.