Re Linking Files on new location


My organisation has large number of assets that were incorrectly stored on a particular drive on our server, we are running out of space and need to move these assets to the correct location, but do not want to run the risk of losing all of the data associated with the files.
Is there an easy way of batch relinking assets once they have been moved to a new location?



There are several options but the key point tends to be whether you have unique filenames for all your assets or not. If you have duplicates it complicates things. But options tend to include:

  1. Drag and Drop path update
  2. Export Field values, delete records and recatalog from new location, then Import Field Values
  3. Embed metadata into files then just recatalog and extract the embedded data
  4. If on SQL for the database it can be possible to replace certain strings in the path on the records directly.

Each has their own requirements and ‘gotchas’ for want of a better word! So, you’re probably best contacting Extensis directly for assistance before going ahead with any of these.


A further option (for sake of completeness) is AppleScript or VB scripting. The only in-the-box in-app solution requiring no extra expertise is the first Chris mentions, but it works only if you don’t allow dupes**.

** the limitation is pointless and only arises because the dupe-deconfliction dialog only shows the filename in question and not the full path of the record being processed. It’s a minor glitch to fix, and with massive upside when done, but there seems little appetite to fix it, for reasons not entirely clear.