Portfolio seems to be re-cataloging images. I have assets in Watch folders. Portfolio is seems to be treating items that were cataloged last summer and cataloging them again. No information was added to changed to these assets through Portfolio or the Server. And ideas?


Is it creating new records for these assets, or just refreshing the current record?

If it’s only refreshing the record, then, are there any changes being made to the metadata? Sometimes just making a change to the original through Photoshop, Lightroom or Bridge changes the internal metadata and is enough to set off a refresh.


No changes to the original files have been made. Either in Portfolio or through Photoshop/Bridge/etc.

IPTC - Date Created 05/25/16
Created (in Portfolio) 1/13/17
Modified 1/13/17
Changed by AutoSync
Cataloged 1/23/17

I would have ingested the files around 5/25/16. Since it is all the images that were added to the watch folder at the same time it leads me to believe it is the database doing the changes not an individual. I also know that no one in my organization is working on those images right now (yeah we are small enough I can keep track).


How do you know Portfolio is re-cataloging images? Is the asset count changing or something to tell you it is re-cataloging?


I have my view set to “Last Cataloged” the images move to the top of this view.


The notation in Changed By indicating that AutoSync executed the change shows the source of the update. Autosync picks up any change to the file, either metadata or content. Did someone kick of a “refresh Thumbnail” request or something? Interesting?