Random Photoshop CC crashes


I randomly but not always get Photoshop CC crashes on save. At least one time I saw a suitcase dialog at the point of crash that said “Finding the document’s fonts in the suitcase fusion 5 database.”

It seems to save the file anyway but the crash eats up 2 minutes of time with killing PS and restarting it.


BTW, is having 7000 fonts in Suitcase but only maybe 100 activated a performance issue in any way?


Well I guess nobody monitors this but I’m also having an intermittent crash with Photoshop CC on document-open sometimes, right after that same dialog pops up:

“Finding the document’s fonts in the suitcase fusion 5 database”


And that’s another thing… on-open I sometimes get this:

“Fonts used in some text layers are not available for activation. You will need to replace these fonts before the layers can be used for vector based output.”

I haven’t changed anything. I haven’t added any new fonts or removed any. I’m opening the same document I just made.



I guess as a notice to anyone else… I stopped using the plugin and all of my crashes/instability went away. I don’t know why it’s so flakey but you can still activate fonts in suitcase and then flip over to PS to use them immediately.


take a look at this thread.

You might want to find a utility to strip the XMP data from the files and then try to open them. It looks like there is some FontSense info that is embedded but the plugin misbehaves if the file has been flattened and the fonts are nolonger used in the file.

Extensis… any thoughts on this issue?


Oops here’s the link to the other discussion:



I was having these random crashes a lot as well. Finally after it happening over and over and not being able to open a certain file I checked here and saw it was fairly common. It’s pretty sad that no one from Extensis has seemed to chime in. I did some digging and at least for now I seem to have found what was causing it on my machine. Having had CS6 previous to CC there was still an extensis plugin file in the old CS6 leftovers. I renamed that file extension to old and haven’t had a crash since. You can find that file in the install directory for your Photoshop in the plugins folder within automate.

To anyone at Extensis who may or may not be monitoring this board. I bought this program at 4 and paid for your newest update to 5 in the hopes that your product would work as advertised. The previous version had issues and so does this one. I’ve had Suitcase fusion crash on me numerous times when running it solo. Not exactly what one wants when paying for updated versions. Hopefully you get this version stable before you try and get more money from us for any new features in 6.


Ok, scratch the previous post. Still getting the crashes. It’s seems one way I can open files that have the problem is to open a smaller file that does not cause the issue, then open the file that is crashing it. Please fix your plugin Extensis.