Quicktype autocompletes with font names


For some time now, various versions, currently SF6, when I try to type a phrase in QuickType, it auto-completes with the first matching font name. Strange behavior, and I never want a font name, always a phrase from the type I’m trying to set or match. I have no auto-complete software of any kind installed, and I found nothing in System Preferences:Keyboard:Shortcuts that looks like it would cause the problem. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?


This is a strange behavior. Would you be able to post a screenshot or short video showing the behavior? QuickType isn’t designed to auto-complete, but If you can provide us with further information, we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of it.

Kind regards,
Jennifer Grebil
Customer Service


I forgot to mention, it is sporadic. Of course, that means it was happening when I wrote the post, but isn’t when I want to record it. That alone makes me think it’s likely something else interacting with SF, though I don’t know what. I will update when I can record it happening and will include a system report in case something else running jumps out at you.